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Image by Alex Brisbey

Fast Facts

  • Registration and participation are completely FREE!

  • It only takes less than an hour to make your participation count.

  • Participants must engage in an online lesson for a minimum of 30 minutes and complete it in order to count toward the Guinness World Record.

  • Participants 17 years and younger must be registered by parents or guardians to provide consent to participate.

  • There is no age limit or previous computer science/coding experience required to participate. 

  • The 30-minute online lesson will be learning and/or refreshing coding skills with JavaScript programming language using Bitsbox. 


The Michigan Accelerate Computer Science's vision for the Guinness World Records attempt is to uplift the city of Detroit, surrounding communities, and the greater state of Michigan by amplifying the talents of K-12 through record-breaking feats of computer science education.

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